Haque - Update 4 - April 6, 2018

Hello everyone!

Small update to Windows and Linux versions to add some Spring-flavored content and fix some bugs. Mac update will come later!


  • Added Spring map to levels 5-7 which includes Mandrakes, Cobras, mace-wielding Bears, and a special Gate-guard.
  • Added ability to look at targeted enemies' flavor text and stats with shift (left bumper on controllers).


  • Reduced Chipper quirk's damage minimum from 10 to 8. This means some enemies will take one or two more hits before dying.


  • Fixed a bug where pets would sometimes hate you forever.
  • Fixed a crash when looking at your inventory during a very late-game plot important moment.
  • Fixed a bug where the Perseverance achievement wouldn't unlock. It should unlock when starting a new game after dying 3 or more times.

Thanks again to everyone who reported bugs and reviewed the game and sent me encouraging emails. Warms my dang heart when I hear people care about this game.


Kevin Cole, Developer

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