Haque - Update 2 - February 7, 2018


  • The Stats and Backpack screen have been merged into a single screen where you can view your character’s stats, items, quirks and skills all at once.
  • Added ability to toggle between allied characters on the new stat screen. This makes it easier to equip allies, change their AI, and view their stats.
  • Added full controller navigation to Stats/Backpack screen. No more switching to mouse control to equip your pets!
  • Added a key that toggles ally AI that defaults to C on keyboards and Y/triangle on controllers. This replaces the stat screen button.
  • Added an additional effect to Herbs. Feeding an Herb to a Cat will now boost its Speed for a while.
  • Added a brief celebration effect when freeing Prisoners from jail.


  • Added a short cooldown time to Necrotize, Deep Freeze, and Evil Eye. This is meant to encourage caster type characters to switch up their playstyle and reduce caster spamming.
  • Reduced the likelihood of high damage weapons spawning.
  • Increased the likelihood of rare weapons spawning after level 4.
  • Reduced bonus health given to Zombies. This is meant to keep horde sizes on the manageable side by increasing Zombie churn.
  • Reduced Zombie attack speed. Zombies needed another small nerf and this made the most thematic sense.
  • Reduced Djinni Health slightly. Djinn had higher stats than other playable species which they really didn’t need considering Arcane Blast is such a beast.
  • Reduced Djinni Ice Affinity. This makes them weaker to Ice damage and makes it harder to obtain the coveted Ice Elemental Arcane Blast.
  • Reduced Jotun Health slightly. Jotuns, like Djinn, were just a little too good.
  • Increased Undead Ice Affinity. Ice damage was becoming too universally good and Undead needed a small bump. Good news for Skelly Heroes!
  • Reduced Noble Necro Affinity. Eagles and Vampires now take just slightly more Necro Damage.
  • Reduced amount of HP granted per second from eating Crystal Residue. HP gained is still roughly equal to that gained by eating one piece of Jerky.
  • Changed tactics of some bosses with long range abilities. Sea Witch, Pharaohmancer, and others will now behave defensively (run away) at certain HP thresholds.
  • Increased size of the Sea Witch arena.
  • Increased Sea Witch’s Affinities.
  • Changed Sea Witch’s second phase skills from Sneak to Dashcut. Sneak wasn’t as exciting as I thought it was, and Sea Witch kept getting cornered.
  • Added the Hellfire Weapon quirk to Pharaohmancer’s khopesh.
  • Reduced wait time on newly summoned creatures. Summoned creatures are no longer surprised by enemies when first summoned. More good news for Skelly Heroes!
  • Increased Health of Manticores and Manticore Juniors. Manticore fights are now longer and tougher with more opportunities to be poisoned.
  • Increased Android Accuracy. This makes Androids slightly scarier but it also increases the value of their inedible corpses.


  • Fixed crash that occurred when out of idle banter scenes. This crash also may have been responsible for the bosswarp crash.
  • Fixed crash that occurred by petting pets that weren’t there.
  • Fixed softlock where sometimes effect animations would hang forever. If an effect hangs, it will be automatically destroyed after 12 seconds.
  • Fixed boss achievements not unlocking after beating game.
  • Fixed holes in the desert zone perimeter that allowed players to leave the zone and wander across an endless void.
  • Fixed bows generating arrows while inside The Megachest.
  • Fixed Speed bonuses displaying incorrectly in item descriptions.
  • Fixed Codex description of Frost Boulder.
  • Fixed Old Man’s grammar on Level 2.
  • Fixed Skeletitan banter cameo.


  • Haque version for Mac will go live in a few days! Sorry for the wait. Codesigning is maybe more complicated than it needs to be.
  • There is a potential issue on level -3 where some Macs may only display a white screen. I could not reproduce this issue but disabling CRT effects in the A/V settings may remove the white screen.
  • Mac screenshots are still upside down. I have no idea why this is happening and I find the issue both saddening and amusing.
  • Next update will feature a little more added content and the new Spring event. There may be some hints about what’s coming in this update.


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Feb 07, 2018
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Feb 07, 2018

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