Haque - Update 1 - November 29, 2017

  • Penguins have been added as Ultra Rare pets but will become Common in December, January, and February or year-round if playing on Linux.
  • Added Jumbo Krill as Penguin treats
  • Added Duel Gear, a rare forgeable armor piece that increases Critical Hit chance.
  • Hovering your mouse over an Item on the ground will reveal that Item’s name. Right-clicking will show a description of that item.
  • Reminder prompt for picking up items added to Tutorial and Level 1
  • A handful of new names and name-elements have been added to the name generator.
  • Screenshot button added to Game Over screen
  • It is now possible to take screenshots with Steam however Steam takes two screenshots every time the screenshot button is pressed. We’re uh… gonna figure that one out.
  • Bouldertoss is now slower, slightly less accurate and has a slightly longer cooldown.
  • Bouldertoss’s starting damage has been changed from BaseAttack+[3-18] to BaseAttack+[4-10]
  • Bouldertoss’s damage can now be augmented by quirks like Brawn, Sneaking, Raging, and Bleeding.
  • Boreal creatures (like Jotuns and Penguins) now have a penalty to their Fire Affinity.
  • Pet Hoodoo quirk now also increases the chance of Familiars remembering to use skills.
  • Ring of the Dead now reanimates your character at 50% health instead of 100%
  • Straight Arrow no longer transfers through same-material mainhand forging.
  • Fixed game crash when using Autocombat (aka the “T” glitch)
  • Fixed game crash when hovering over the Jester Mask in your inventory
  • Fixed animation hang on magic casted by allies on the edge of your sightlines
  • Fixed gamepad button prompts displaying when no gamepad is connected.
  • Fixed game not saving settings when backing out of the control rebind menu with Deny
  • Fixed minor animation glitch for Bardsong and Power Attack.
  • Fixed extra long boss names not displaying properly
  • There is a known issue on some Linux machines where Haque’s framerate will not be limited and it will run insanely fast. Turning V-synch on in the options menu is a possible workaround. This is apparently a Game Maker issue but we’re investigating a fix.
  • Removed Hook & Pull AI debug messages.
  • Quickened Ice Wall and Lingering Ice Wall have been removed. Rapid Summon and Stable Summon now impart their effects to summoned glaciers.
  • War Fan’s Underhanded quirk has been replaced by Poison Hit, an identical quirk.
  • It is still extremely cumbersome to equip your pet and followers with items from a controller. I'm working on a big UI update that will fix this but it’s still a bug for now.

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