[Hello! This version is Wrack & Rune as I submitted it to GMTK jam 2020. The updated version is on the SuperTry Patreon.]

Descend into the dungeon as a novice wizard with your boisterous barbarian companion.

[WASD] to move
[Left Click] to cast magic (requires a wand)
[Right Click] to dodge backwards

Wrack will do most of the heavy lifting when enemies show up. Try not to die!

This game works best in Chrome. If the game window is too big for your monitor, try zooming out a little with Ctrl + Mouse Wheel.

Cover Art by Bryan Shepherd
Music by Joe Kenneally
Programming by Kevin Cole
Special Thanks to Hadley St. Clair
SuperTry Studios has an Instagram now

Big Thanks to:
J. Fenn Crane
MoonMuse Entertainment Studio
Petter Engh

Thank You to Our Druids:
Aaron Damrau
Ben 'Desrath' Buehler
Colin Brady
Greg Gervasi
JR Chip
Jim Shepard
John PidgeonHat Barber
Jordan Severns
Joseph Rowles
Rudy Avila
Samuel A Linstrom
and Squid Ludwig

This is the 7th of 12 games we're making this year. If you want to support our quest and get cool stuff check out our Patreon.

Development log


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so, um... question, what are the genders of wraq and rune?

you dont have to answer this one

I pictured them both as men but I don't think that's the definitive take

all right then, that just so happens to be a personal view

you are the creator after all


hedcanon-- rune and wreq are a couple who get together because their love of breaking pots

they are in love and their first date was at a rage room


This game is so fun!



Has a nice bro vibe.


Fun and charming, just like everything else yall put together! Good luck in the jam!


Beautiful job, as always.

I gots to know that secret!


Really nice core idea and concept here! I like that you're the support that enables the damage dealing!

A lot of potential for more content in here for sure :)

Thanks so much!


Very interesting the proposal of the game. You managed to do something really fun! I ended up defeating the boss, all very well done. Congratulations to the team! o/

Thank you so much! Congrats on beating the game!


this is amazing! thank you so much for making this! <3  I loved the ending too! <3<3<3


Thanks so much for playing!!


This was awesome Great Job Super Try!

Thank you!!


This is really good!  The way you handled dodging was really clever!

Thank you! That mechanic took some trial and error.


Not sure where to report bugs. The barb and a skeleton found the closest point between a wall and got stuck.

The movement feels good and the music is chill.


Thanks for reporting this! You can zap Wrack with your wand to unstick him if he gets a little too obsessed with a wall.


This game was such a great time. Fun take on the theme of the Jam and the music was fantastic. Also the character design for Wrack and Rune is perfect depictions.

Thanks so much for playing!


This is unbelievably polished for a gamejam game, and the soundtrack is awesome.


Thanks so much!