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[The physical, hardcover, full color Space Kings book is now available for purchase!]

Space Kings is a playing card based tabletop role-playing game designed for over-the-top interstellar adventures.

Players take on the role of tough mercenaries, plucky pop stars, and funky aliens to fight evil space governments, soulless megacorporations, and the all-consuming void.

Space Kings focuses on improvisation and character building, with small numbers and big personalities.  The primary goal of each session is to tell a cool story together.

The outcomes of actions are determined by flipping playing cards off the top of your deck. Faces and Aces represent success, while Jokers cause dramatic twists of fate. Everyone flips from their own deck, so everyone has the same chance for glory and/or ruination.

What’s in the Book?

  • Rules and references for making any kind of character you want
  • Guidelines and tips for Hosts to help you roll with the punches of a Space Kings session
  • Lots of Ultimates: Special abilities lovingly crafted for player characters
  • Cunning combatant NPCs, from space Raptors all the way to dreaded Endbosses
  • Cool high tech items for every character specialization
  • Two adventure starters, The Prison Train and The Big Squeak, to get your Space Kings campaign rolling
  • Full color illustrations by Bryan Shepherd
  • More than a little sidebar-related humor!

Listen to Space Kings

Pretend Friends is a Space Kings actual play podcast featuring Paul, Nick, and Josh of Continue? as Davl the gun scientist, Killcat the space cad, and Space Freely. Kevin Cole hosts season 1 and 3. Hadley St. Clair hosts season 2.

Goosebuds RPG features a "suburban horror" adaptation of the Space Kings system. Paul, Chad, and Dom of Goosebuds fame play as themselves. Kevin Cole plays Dad and hosts!

M-Class Podcast - Peril of Zeta Tauri is a Star Trek inspired one-shot featuring M-Class's own hosts Jeff and Josh with special guest Hadley St. Clair as Professor Moriarty. Kevin Cole hosts!

Three of Hearts is a Space Kings actual play podcast by @JordanQuiverns, @ilaalexei, and @EssayHex about queer detectives solving small-town mysteries.

Shattered Worlds RPG ran the Prison Train starter adventure with  AJ, Anthony, and Jeff playing a gangster robot, an adorable mercenary, and a heavenly detective. Kevin Cole hosts!

We love to see Space Kings in the wild! If your sessions are streamed, recorded, or otherwise shareable, we'd love to hear about it! Send us an email here.


Space Kings was made by SuperTry Studios. Kevin Cole wrote and designed it. Hadley St. Clair edited it. Bryan Shepherd made all the art for it. Brian Townsend did the layout.

[The physical, hardcover, full color Space Kings book is now available for purchase!]

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