You are a cowboy lizardperson with a jetpack. Your friend is sad. Dungeons have poor cell service. Solve this.

Use your mouse to move. Click to jump! If the game window is too big you should be able to zoom out with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel.

The soundtrack is on Bandcamp!

Songs by Joe Kenneally.

Game by Kevin Cole.

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StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
TagsBlack and White, Dungeon Crawler, Exploration, Mouse only, Music, Non violent, Short

Development log


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This cheered me up a bit.  Thanks.

Thanks for playing!


Hey,  Super Try,  great game, great idea and great controls. Thank you for making this  <3<3<3


Thanks so much for playing!!!


This is a great game! exactly what a platformer should be. nice visuals, good music, and good gameplay. I was a little confused at first because i did not know you were supposed to drag the phone around, but other then that it was great!

Pretty neat. I found my self wanting a mute button, even though the music was good. When I got the infinite jet-pack, most of the time it looked like I just had an infinite double jump but couple times it did a proper jet-pack animation.


I absolutely love this! You did a phenomoneal job with the themeing and the execution of the controls. It felt kind of slippery, but that fits with the theme super well. The music is, of course, very cute. And the way that you trick the player into thinking that there will be a boss fight and then subverting expectations is really cool! Amazing job overall!


Aww, what a lovely game! The story is so cute, and the music is fantastic! I saw this on the Twitch Party stream before I played, and I was surprised by how easy it was to control a platformer with a mouse, something I never thought I'd do.

Infinite jetpack is awesome :O


I really liked the graphics and the animation looked like it had a lot of work put in to it. I do wish that there would be A/D/Space controls.(A = Left, D = Right, Space = Jump) Because of that I never got to the end sadly :( But this has a lot of potential and I can't believe you made this in one hundred hours!

Thanks so much! There's a secret room in the bottom-right-most corner of the map that activates WASD+Space controls if you ever want to try again!

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I loved it! Those songs and the cute lizard's expressions made me smile constantly while my playthrough. I think the visual part and the soundtrack fit together in a very particular and special way. Great job. I also like simple story, it's funny. The controls original and great, I've seen many comments saying it feels floaty, but I think they are fine.


Ok, so first of all the sad part. I haven't seen a final screen after my first playthrough. It was just black. But on the bright side, i had to play your game again!

Honestly, this game is too good for a game jam. It just works. Graphics and gameplay and everything. I was real cautious, but then i died and realized that game doesn't reset, which is a good call for a story driven game. Double jump helps too, saving you from spikes and other dangers. I'll be honest, at first i thought that ability was flatulance based. Until i got infinite jet pack. My bad.

All of that, best boss battle in the history of videogames, and soundtrack still manages to steal the show. So yeah, excuse me, i'm gonna go spam the link to everyone i know.


Amazingly cute aesthetic, coupled with the music, making the whole feel like a roadtrip montage. The experience is really wholesome and unique! The mouse controls make the gameplay a bit tedious, which I feel would have been better with keyboard control, and the ambiant noise that replaces the song is way too oppressive, unfitting of the game. Overall an extremely good and wholesome experience that manages to have a strong personality with a minimalist artstyle.

Warning: The sound is only on the left ear.

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i love the aesthetic, the game as a whole works so well, Its super fun to play. Well done!!!

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That was great! I love the idea that you travel through a dungeon not to slay evil or rescue any one, but just to try to make a phone call. That ending gave me a good laugh. I'll try avoid spoilers, but it took a turn that I probably should have expected given the nature of the game. It's also a great example of how you can design a metroidvania at the game jams scale. Nice work!


In this game, everything comes together - the art, the game play, the plot and the music! It's an outstanding accomplishment in the game jam so short!


Probably echoing a few other comments but the only real complaint is the controls sometimes felt a little floaty. The art and music both felt like a good match, and while floaty the controls worked surprisingly well. The story was simple but evocative. 

Overall, fun, short and interesting. A good mix.


This game is really cute. I liked the feel of the mouse controls more than the WASD ones but sometimes the camera would make you stop moving mid-jump when you got close to the borders.


Thanks! Hm, yeah maybe I could have kept the camera more fixed or made jumping "icy" once a jump was initiated.

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This was a great experience! Just a game thats whacky, kind of nonsenseical fun. Delightful music, that somehow sold me on the art style as fun as well, since I associated it more with This war of mine and Limbo at first. Its a little challanging at places, but just enough so that the mood stays intact. And oh boy, that upgrade! 

The controls take some 'getting used to', but I think that just increases the fun factor.



happy :D


So charming! Love the little metroid reference, and the music fits the tone of the game perfectly. The end boss(?) also fits well into the tone.The game accomplishes a lot with it's simple, outline style - a style I might have to try out in the future. 

It's been said before, but I am curious why you decided to bind movement to the mouse. I'm guessing so that the player didn't need to move their hand when they checked their phone?

The mouse movement platforming controls were meant to mirror waving your phone for cell service but I don't think that came across cleanly. Keeping the movement to mouse only also kept tutorials simpler but intuitive did not equal precise or comfortable for a lot of players.

I kept the mouse controls because I think it's evocative and an interesting lesson but if you (or anyone!) would like to try the game with Keyboard controls there's a secret room in the bottom-right-most corner of the map that unlocks the alternate control scheme.

Thanks for the kind words and for asking! Hopefully this is at least illuminating for other game devs!


This is a hilarious, well done, and quite big highlight of the entire jam. Metroidvanias are not really my thing, but I had to play this one all the way through. And oh boy, the music was delightful!

Good game, but not convenient move controller

The phone mechanic was a bit confusing, idk if that was intentional or not but still.


I'm glad someone made game about the hit fictitious movie Rocket Crocodile and the World of Tomorrow. 


Very interesting concept of a game! Really like the idea of being lost in a dungeon with no cell service, even the song fit in perfectly before the ominous music hits in. 

One thing I wasn't particularly fond of was that you moved and jumped with your character using the mouse, would it maybe be easier with the arrow keys or WASD? :D

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that was really funny haha. perfect music choice.  cute small adventure