[This game contains jumpscares]

You've come home from a hiking trip. The woods will not let you go.

[Left Click] to inspect objects.
Inspect all the objects to move to the next scene.
When you see an acorn in the bottom right corner, you've found all the objects in your current room.

This game works best in Chrome. If the game window is too big for your monitor, try zooming out a little with Ctrl + Mouse Wheel.

Written and Directed by Hadley St. Clair
Music by Joe Kenneally
Programmed by Kevin Cole
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Atmosphere sound has been released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.

List of audio files used:
Low pitched drome by benconcan from Freesound.org +)
Horror.drone 006.wav by DJ Chronos http://freesound.org +)
CV 420 2 by Karl Welty +)
room ambience by littleboot from http://freesound.org +)
Air Conditioner by Taira Komori's Japanese Free Sound Effects: http://tairakomori.jpn.org/freesounden.html +)
room_tone_drone by zapsplat.com +)
+) Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License

Bob Ulrich trees_creaking.wav by Pooleside via freesound.org

This game would not be possible without the support of our patrons.
Big thanks to:
J. Fenn Crane
Petter Engh

Thank you, Druids:
Aaron Damrau
Chad Andrew
Colin Brady
Grant P. Adams
Greg Gervasi
JR Chip
Jim Shepard
John PidgeonHat Barber
Jordan Severns
Joseph Rowles
MoonMuse Entertainment Studio
Rudy Avila
Samuel A Linstrom
and Squid Ludwig

Happy Halloween!

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withGameMaker
TagsDreams, Horror, nature


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Dang got me on the first scare. Good job on this one yall!