(In case it was in doubt, everyone has my permission to stream this game! <3)

Made for Wizard Jam 7!
You are a RESPECTABLE CHEF, make TOAST the usual way. Chop JELLY MONSTERS into FIRE to put out FIRE. Chop BREADMAN into FIRE to make TOASTMAN. JELLY the TOASTMAN to get MEGAPOINTS.

Move - W A S D
Chop - Left Click
Jump - Right Click

Gamepad (way better!)
Move - Left Stick
Aim - Right Stick
Chop - Right Trigger
Jump - Left Trigger

Music by Joe Kenneally (Cousin Bobby)
Game by Kevin Cole (@RealKevinCole)

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
TagsArcade, GameMaker, Twin Stick Shooter


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great game :) I am awful but I enjoyed my time

I tried just sitting in the corner chopping, but I got overwhelmed by all the fire and jellies. I wonder if it's best to try putting out all the fires as soon as possible, or to keep some around to toast the bread more quickly? Anyway, this was neat.

Thanks! Fire tends to spawn around where your Chef is to encourage moving around. Since your multiplier gets reset when you're hit I find the best strategy is to play hyper defensively and keep your eye on your Chef at all times. Glad you enjoyed it!

Had much fun making toast until a toast bully showed up and ruined my Cheffing.

Hey! Played a bit of this on my channel!

Yoooo thanks so much for playing!!

kevin is great and this game is really cute

yayyyy!! thanks!