The Traveller and the Mountain is a decide-your-personal-quest fable. A monk departs from his home at the monastery and journeys to a distant shrine in a trial of passage. Help him use what he’s learned to make it to the shrine and back.

Use your mouse to click through scenes and choose actions.

Please play this in Chrome or Firefox so you can hear the music!

Illustrated by BAM

Music by Joe Kenneally

Written by Kevin Cole and Hadley St. Clair

Edited by Hadley St. Clair

Programmed by Kevin Cole

Ratings, follows, and donations are welcome and appreciated!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Made withGameMaker
TagsCute, Fantasy, Feel Good, GameMaker, watercolor


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I've played this game like... 5+ times now, just to see the different storylines and endings! I really enjoyed this. And the art is really fun and beautiful! Thanks for making this. I really liked it.

Thanks so much for playing!!


great game


I love this game's story and art work! I would kind of like to be able to see what the options would do. Although that might take away from the game. Very nice game!



Really great game and a nice story! I really liked that there were different options based on what you chose earlier in the game. The art style was very nice and I really enjoyed the music. Overall a very fun game :D

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This is such a great cohesive unit!  The art is of course incredible, the shifting styles of music adds so much to the tone of each choice you make, the writing is wonderful and gives off a great scope and depth to the world and its characters, and all the different endings reflect a genuine sense of wisdom and beauty.

Not to mention, the UI and the way everything is framed and paced is snappy and effective, it felt rewarding to go back and see what all the different choices did.  

A+++ how do you do this in 3 days??


It's great, could use an ending tracker or at least a list of accomplishments at the end of every run. But, then again, maybe that's supposed to be something our souls take care of? And asking for that only proves that we're missing the point? Maybe I'm treating it too much like a game. But whichever way you slice it I loved it!


Drawings and story are sooo good. Great job


mega style on the drawings and good feels 


So beautiful!! i like so much the art and the stories.