Go mushroom picking for your magical roommate!

[WASD] or [Arrow Keys] to move
[Space] to talk to people
[M] to meow

This game works best in Chrome. If the game window is too big for your monitor, try zooming out a little with Ctrl + Mouse Wheel.

Based on Forager by Austin Breed
Music by Joe Kenneally
Game by Kevin Cole
Meows by Houdini

This game was made possible by our Patrons
Big thanks to:
J. Fenn Crane
Petter Engh

Thank you, Credits Druids!
Aaron Damrau
Colin Brady
Grant P. Adams
Greg Gervasi
JR Chip
Jim Shepard
John PidgeonHat Barber
Jordan Severns
Joseph Rowles
MoonMuse Entertainment Studio
Rudy Avila
Samuel A Linstrom
and Squid Ludwig

This is the 9th of 12 games we're making this year. If you want to support our quest and get cool stuff check out our Patreon.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Fantasy, Relaxing


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cute game! i love the art and the characters, the dialogue is very smooth too c:

thanks so much for playing!! :>

1st how to get the 3rd mushroom

2nd does the game have end?


1: Go to the northern map squares and wait for about 10 seconds without pressing any buttons. If there are any Ghost Caps they should pop up.
2: Kinda! If you get 5 Mushrooms of each type you can go back to each character for some special dialogue. Otherwise if you have at least 1 of each mushroom you can go back to the witch hut to roll credits.


Nice :)

I can't catch the fairies no matter how hard I try :( do you have any more hints for me?

Hm well:

1) Walk up to them and then when you hear their "!" noise, start running. They'll detect you faster if you just run at them.

2) Chase them toward the center of the map. They'll escape out of bounds if they can and you can't follow them.

3) Try and remember what obstacles will be in your way in the *next* map square you chase them into.

4) Don't give up if you hit a tree but if they have a big lead on you, let them go and try again when they settle down.

5) Try chasing them diagonally? For... math... reasons you move faster diagonally.


thank yoooooou!!!


how do we get the blue mushrooms? this was a really cute game to play!

Thanks so much! You gotta chase down the fairies!


Love the vibe, very chill until you start running like crazy bumping in tree chasing fairies :D 


Cute :) That was a pretty fun time- although I did get tripped up by the veil’s needing you to both be lucky (on the right screen) and still.

Thank you!! Yeah veils are especially tricky, I think there's a way to do them a little better. Maybe in a future version!


this is really cool! thank you for making this!  <3<3<3


Thanks for playing it!!


I love this game. Absolutely Awesome :)

Thanks for playing!!


Very relaxing. Almost too relaxing. maybe im kinda high now. thanks.




oh no, i think i scared the fairies off of the map! ;m;

They should find their way back to another random square!

(Let me know if that doesn't happen)


it happened i think 10 min after i commented? thanks for checking up on it :D


Very cute and fun game!


Thanks so much for playing!


Hey glad to see you're still making new games! I like this one, a quirky little mushroom-collecting adventure. It felt soo good to finally catch that pesky fairy! And love the animations. The animation transitioning from gameplay to dialogue, with mushrooms? Awesome!
How long do you have to wait to get a ghost veil?

Hey thanks so much!

Ghost Veils pop up after about five seconds but they aren't on every square and only on squares north of the witch's house.


i really like it, music and art makes you feel relaxed , nice animation,Thanks! 

Thanks so much for playing!