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this is really great! I only have one minor nitpick, that the levels are very easy to get lost in sometimes, but it never lessened my enjoyment. beautiful art style, AMAZING music. needless to say, I loved the atmosphere. This is a bit unrelated, but the final boss's second phase was a really special surprise as well.

Thanks so much for playing!!

ive loved the game alot however i did find a map generation bug where i managed to enter the orange wall section of the dungeon and there was no way to get to the exit somehow


fun roguelike, nice music

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I haven't even finished, but I must say, good game. It has a nice music, and thanks to the controls being on the bottom of the screen, it's not hard to learn how to play.


If only I wasn't broke I'd go to the patreon and support this dev even without the update! This is a great roguelike!

aw! thanks so much!!


I haven't beaten it yet, but when I do I'll try to steal somebody's wallet and donate so hard!


Wow, this is beautiful. I could get lost in the music forever, and the minimal suggestions of the graphics leave plenty for the imagination. This is a great game!


Thank you so much!!


This is pretty terrific! Great ambiance, cute graphics, and a really interesting battle system. I could really see this being brought out into a full game! Though, given how well y'all did on Haque, it really shouldn't be surprising that you're good with roguelikes, lol.

Aw! Thank you!!


Hey big fan of Haque and this is like Haque-lite so I enjoyed it aswell great job :)

Thanks so much!

I want to like this game, but the hunger clock is really ruining it for me.

Is there some trick to getting edible things that I am missing?

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Combing a root (yellow thing) and a mushroom (red thing) will make an energy potion that fills up a bunch of stamina. Roots also replenish stamina but not as much as energy potions.

Certain events will also replenish stamina, like chilling with the dwarves in the caves.

Maewen or Brindle are probably your best bet if you want to conserve as much stamina as possible. Throkki's animal forms aren't very evasive or defensive and Throkki's whole strategy kind of revolves around getting hurt (which drains stamina with recovery.) Maewen's familiar is a pretty competent fighter so if you're just up against one enemy in the early game you can pretty much let Hazel take care of it and save your stamina.

Hope this helps!


This is really fantastic.  Tons of content and polish for a 7-day game!

Hey thanks so much, I've been a huge fan of your games since KoL so this is really flattering to hear!


The global mood is incredible.
The music is beautiful and overall, I feel RELAXED playing the game, which is not super common.
Thanks and congratulations for this game!

Thank you so much! Glad you dug our vibe :)


I get a "could not compile vertex shader" when trying to run this from Brave (Chrome). Works fine on Firefox though.

Thanks for letting me know! I'll see what I can do about that after the jam's over.


Wow this is really awesome. The moment where the bard played me a song, it really sounded like a bard just dooping on a mandolin lol. Level of polish off the charts

Thanks so much!! We love the bard too.

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Hey, I threw a rock as an elf and missed. Then the rock clipped into the wall. I want my money back!

Edit: The rock thing really wasn't a big deal. This game is a stimulating roguelike, with the unique touches of both thought provoking choices (definitely better than the ones in Fallout 4) and the beguiling deck of animal forms.

It doesn't feel right to say that a roguelike is "too hard", but the addition of the "story mode" button is most certainly a welcome addition. Remember folks: fighting enemies doesn't really give you anything, and they continually spawn so you can't clear out a level! This isn't Haque.

Big bonus shoutout to the story observations of your character changing depending on who you choose.