A lonely island holds a mysterious artifact.

[Arrow Keys] or [IJKL] to move

[A] or [Spacebar] to jump

[D] or [Shift] to shift dimensions (ancient artifact required)

[F5] to skip to the next level.

For best results, play in Chrome!

Tunes by Joe Kenneally

Other Stuff by Kevin Cole

"Wind on Peale Island" from the National Park Service

Made for Lunar Game Jam 2020
Theme: Duality

This game exists because of these generous patrons:
Petter Engh
Aaron Damrau
Ben 'Desrath' Buehler
Colin Brady
Greg Gervasi
Jim Shepard
Joe Trotter
John PidgeonHat Barber
Jordan Severns
JR Chip
Rudy Avila
and more!

This is the second of 12 games I'm making this year. If you want to support my madness and get access to the secret betas and my devlogs consider throwing a whole dollar at me on Patreon.

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(3 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Experimental, Puzzle-Platformer, Retro, Short