Meet your friends at Lost Lake. Leave something behind.

[Space] to advance the story and confirm choices
[Up] and [Down] or [W] and [S] to select choices
[Tab] to fast forward

This game works best in Chrome. If the game window is too big for your monitor, try zooming out a little with Ctrl + Mouse Wheel.

Written and Directed by Hadley St. Clair
Music and Lyrics by Joe Kenneally
Programming by Kevin Cole
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Photo resources from A Place Without Bodies volume 1 by @spacetwinks 
Soundscape - Lake from the National Parks Service
Vehicles Pass By on Dry Country Road by Kinoton via

This game would not be possible without the support of our patrons.

Big thanks to:
MoonMuse Entertainment Studio
Petter Engh

Thank you to our Credits Druids:
Aaron Damrau
Ben 'Desrath' Buehler
Colin Brady
Greg Gervasi
JR Chip
Jim Shepard
John PidgeonHat Barber
Jordan Severns
Joseph Rowles
Rudy Avila
and Squid Ludwig

This is the sixth of twelve games we're making this year. Our next game will be for the Game Maker's Toolkit 2020 Jam! If you want to support our quest and get cool stuff check out our Patreon.

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GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withGameMaker
TagsGameMaker, LGBTQIA, Narrative, nature, Non violent, Queer, Singleplayer, Story Rich

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