{Warning: May contain sexiness}

Fight your way through the breakfast dungeons. Win the Pancaketheon’s favor. Become a yolk hero.

[Arrow Keys] or [IJKL] to move
[Space] to advance dialogue and choose boons
[1] to use Coffee Run (requires boon)
[2] to use Savory Slam (requires boon)
[3] to use Cocktail Sword (requires boon)
[4] to drink Healing Hotsauce
[W] to wait (skip turn)
[M] for Map

Presented by SuperTry Studios

Music Director - Joe Kenneally
Art Director - Brock A Mizikow
Narrative Director - Hadley St. Clair
Gameplay Director - Kevin Cole

"Whacky Joe" Font by VEXED

Lyrical Inspiration - Mark Bittman

Made for 7DRL 2021
We built this off of our existing 7DRL 2020 entry, Beneath Faelin Wood. All development happened within seven days within the 7DRL 2021 jam period.

This game exists because of our wonderful patrons.

Very Big Thanks to:
J. Fenn Crane
and Wabbet

Thank you to our Credits Druids:
Aaron Damrau
Chad Quandt
Colin Brady
Colin Smith
Grant P. Adams
Greg Gervasi
Hey Eric
Jim Shepard
John PidgeonHat Barber
Jordan Severns
Joseph Rowles
Josh Howell
JR Chip
Marc Boutin
New Super Mx1
Rudy Avila
Samuel A Linstrom
Squid Ludwig
and Stephen

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GenreRole Playing
Made withGameMaker
TagsNarrative, Roguelike