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hey! so this is a cool game and i like it so far! but when i play it to a certain point it tells me that its stolen and i need to be on to play the full game? but i downloaded it right from here- am i not at the right place to play the full game?


haha sorry about that, if you play it in your browser it should work fine
some weird sites stole my work a while back and i got kind of paranoid about it


on the levels after you get the crossbow, why are the arrows on the skulls be the respawn??? great game and oh heck yeah to da crossbow! <3 great game. i would love 2 buy you a coffee, but i'm a kid so i don't have a credit card :( keep up the good work. :D


Welp, the game is preety amzing! I love the music,pixel art graphics, and those holerius hints!And the crosbow!

The puzles, movement, and hole gampley, feels just right! Great Job!


Another jam well done! I love all the little details in the level design. The gameplay is simple yet nuanced too! I just wish I were smart enough to finish it! XD


I loved it! cute and hard enough. The hints were hilarious XD, heck yeah to the crossbow!

Yay! Thank you so much! I was worried those easter eggs would go undiscovered!

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heh.  i guess i need to play through again because i didn't look at any of the hints!  lol
great game!  really enjoyed the puzzles and how you introduced new mechanics over the course of the game.  well done!

This was awesome! Y'all did a great job the music, sound design, levels and puzzles were all great! I think the tutorial felt a little long but the crossbow was so satisfying to get. great work!! Blown away that y'all made this in such a short time

Thank you! Yeah the game really starts once you get the crossbow. I didn't even know there was going to be a crossbow until I made it on a whim halfway through the jam and I just kind of kept the other levels around. If I ever build this out more there will be more and sooner crossbow :D

Really fun. The plant guys monchin' my skulls were terrifying, yet adorable. 10/10 would skull monch again.


Such amazing polish! When you trigger death and the screen goes up to reveal the title. How can this be in a game jam game?? Super!

Yessss glad that moment hit somebody!

This is great. The ending really got me.

Yessssssssss glad you enjoyed it!

this game! 10/10 artwork, gameplay, tunes, and that banner! This is one for the front page. Congratulations!

Thank you so much!!

Woah this is amazingly implemented. I'm glad I didn't go with a puzzle platformer because this blows everything else in that category out of the water.

Hahaha thank you! Hope that won't stop you from making puzzle platformers in the future. I need more!

I love this. but the thing is I'm using a keyboard without arrow keys. Dang, I wish there's a settings to switch controls. I played this on my laptop. Great game!


Hey thanks! I did not even consider this. Made a really quick update to allow IJKL to function as arrow keys.


Damn... That's the first thing that crossed my mind when I played this. How can this be so extremely polished AND have this many levels? I think you did an amazing job :) The levels feel somewhat eazy, but fair, which makes the puzzles quite enjoyable and relaxing (and not too frustrating, which is great.) I love puzzle games, so this was right up my alley. Thanks for making this! I hope a lot of other people are going to enjoy this gem!

Thanks so much!! Glad you enjoyed it!