[Arrow Keys] or [IJKL] to Move
[Space] or [V] to Jump
[C] to Shoot (gun does not need to be attached to you)
[X] to Throw/Recall your Gun
[Z] to Throw/Recall your Head

[F5] to Restart a Room
[F6] to Skip to the next Room
[F7] to Skip to the Credits
If the game window is too big for your screen you should be able to zoom out with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel.

Presented by SuperTry

Made for GMTK Jam 2021

Music by Joe Kenneally
Sound by Tyriq Plummer
Title Art by Bryan Shepherd
Game by Kevin Cole

This game was funded by SuperTry's patrons!

Big thanks to
J. Fenn Crane

Thank you,
Aaron Damrau
Bryce Diuri
Chad Quandt
Colin Brady
Colin Smith
Grant P. Adams
Greg Gervasi
I quit my job
Jim Shepard
John PidgeonHat Barber
Jordan Severns
Joseph Rowles
Josh Howell
JR Chip
Marc Boutin
Rudy Avila
Samuel A Linstrom
and Squid Ludwig

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